Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dual Boot on the Joggler

How-To Setup a Dual Boot on the Jogger!

I prepared a little package for you to have a nice dual boot screen at bootup on your Joggler.

Without a USB stick plugged in, it boots the internal System after 5 seconds.

With a USB stick on the Joggler, the boot screen shows you two icons, one for the o2 Software and one for your USB linux, which will then be the default system!

All this can be controlled by a plugged kayboard after the 2nd boot!

Here we go:

1. Grab the following archive:

2. Start your distro on the joggler, then mount mmcblk0p1, e.g.
"sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt"

3. Copy and extract the archive onto /mnt, make a backup of your mmcblk0p1 partition if you want!
"sudo cp efi_mmcblk0p1.tar.gz /mnt"
"tar -xzvf efi_mmcblk0p1.tar.gz"
"sudo rm efi_mmcblk0p1.tar.gz"
"sudo mv boot.efi boot.efi.bak"

4. Reboot.

5. On booting, press several times "ESC" to stop autoboot. Now enter "fs0:boot" blindly and you should see refit coming up.

6. Choose the icon "EFI shell", press Enter, then ESC.

7. Now type:
bcfg boot add 01 fs0:\efi\refit\refit.efi "Refit"

(thanks to: TonyHoyle,

This way, Refit is added to the internal (nvram) bootloader list. That's needed to have a working keyboard.

8. Type "bcfg boot dump" and look if Refit is located on top.

9. Type "exit"

That's it - Refit now should always load automatically. In case, you have a USB stick plugged in, you can choose between USB and internal system. Otherwise, it just shows the internal system and boots it after 5 seconds!

Good luck :-)


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  1. Very interesting, did you try booting Windows from it ?