Saturday, 24 April 2010

Running the original Software out from your linux distro!

Ok another smart how to, so you will be able to start the original software from your linux distro:

starting here:

1. mount mmcblk0p2 somewhere, if not already done:
"sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt"

2. copy the whole openpeak folder to your root:
"sudo mkdir /openpeak"
"sudo cp -r /mnt/openpeak/* /openpeak"

3. unmount (if you want..)
"sudo umount /mnt"

4. mount mmcblk0p4, if not yet done:
"sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p4 /mnt"

5. copy all its contents to /media:
"sudo cp -r /mnt/* /media"

6. copy and edit localrun:
"sudo cp /openpeak/tango/localrun /openpeak/tango/starto2"

7. edit starto2:
"sudo vi /openpeak/tango/starto2"

8. uncomment "export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa":
move to the concerning line,
type "i" for insert mode,
type an "#"
type ESC, type ":wq" to save&quit

9. now you can run the software by double clicking on "starto2".
You can also create a shortcut to this. Quit the app typing "ALT+F4"

Note, that also mouse + keyboard are working this way :-)
No way yet to quit the app withouht keyboard.



  1. My tango does not start in full screen mode (on disca's desktop image). Any ideas how to fix?


  2. does it show any error message?
    I am also running this on disca's image just fine

  3. Running this on Mint Linux v10 it fails with a warning that GTK+ version is too old. Would updating GTK+ screw up the joggler in any way?