Saturday, 24 April 2010

A patch for the IEGD kernel part to make it build and work in

I just spent some time getting IEGD kernel module working on and got some fancy glxgears on my Xorg now.

For patching into a kernel:

Kernel patch

A patch against IEGD original sources (10.3.2) to make it work and build on

Have fun with it!


  1. Hi,
    there's been quite a bit of effort to get poulso drivers working for ubuntu 10.04/lucid:

    the result is a partially working driver - 2D only

    not sure whether you are able to offer any advice but it sure would be appreciated!!


  2. Hi,
    Ive been looking around for this a lot! Could you be so kind of clarifying a couple of questions:
    1) Can you tell me where to download IEGD 10.3.2, because the latest version I found from Intel's website was 10.3.1.
    2) My distro is Ubuntu 10.04, which uses Gnome, on an Asus 1101HA, which uses a GMA 500 GPU. Do you think it's going to work even 3D (compiz, I mean) and video hardware acceleration (vaapi)?
    3) I understand that IEGD is the propietary version of the equivalent driver being maintained at
    Am I right?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.