Sunday, 4 April 2010

A kernel config for 2.6.33, for Joggler

I just succeeded in building Linux kernel and booting it from Joggler.

For future reference, do -not-, I repeat, do NOT have CONFIG_RELOCATABLE in your .config. ELILO will not boot your kernel after 2.6.30 (such as 2.6.31+) with it.

You can download the config here, copy it to .config in your build directory and run make oldconfig and make bzImage and make modules. You'll need ELILO 3.12.


  1. Nice! I've just received mine and want to start hacking it asap, but does anywhere have a teardown of what hardware exactly is in the Joggler?


  2. Ah! I've just been git bisecting to find out what broke 2.6.33! I'll try turning RELOCATABLE off.

  3. Yup, that sorts it. Now, time to dump the BIOS for investigation! I want to see if the USB driver is extractable so we can load it during bootup automatically.

  4. I compile the kernel in your .config.but I still can't boot it in my joggler.I don't know why