Saturday, 3 April 2010

Getting into the EFI shell on the device

Requirements: USB stick, keyboard, hub

Make a USB stick with a FAT partition on it first.

Put in the root of the partition, file boot.nsh:

cd \efi\screen

And file startup.nsh:


You will then need to make a directory 'efi' and underneath this, directories 'screen' and 'tools'.
In the 'screen' directory, put the file screen.efi and under 'tools', put the file 'Shell.efi'. Additional tools can be downloaded here (tools folder). Thanks to TonyHoyle for making these tools available and making them.

Now, because the Joggler does not load the USB keyboard driver automatically, you need to upon boot, to follow the following procedure:

* Plug in keyboard, USB stick into USB hub
* Plug USB hub into the Joggler
* Turn on the Joggler, press ESC several times on the until it is obvious the startup has stalled completely.
* Type blind, without quotes, 'fs1:boot'
* You will now see text, press ESC again, and you'll be in a shell.
* You should then see a shiny EFI shell with keyboard working.


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  1. Hi All,

    Very good documentation. Can I know what is the Hardware board used to test ? I have these questions.

    1. I have a x86 32 bit target board with EFI Shell version 2.00 [4.631]. Is it possible to test ?

    - Thanks
    Naresh Bhat